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Symphony Nova Scotia


In March 2019, Symphony Nova Scotia engaged Savira Cultural + Capital Projects and Diamond Schmitt Architects to prepare a feasibility study for a new or renovated Halifax-based concert hall. The goal of the study was to identify the future needs of the orchestra, Halifax artists, and the broader community in order to build a vibrant and sustainable organization that will continue to support the arts and culture community. With this study, Symphony Nova Scotia was seeking industry expertise about feasible options for the future, focusing on what is viable for the orchestra as well as the larger community. The organization is in a position where it must continue to build on its strengths and grow capacity, particularly new audiences and revenue, to remain sustainable in the long-term. 


This feasibility study was divided into two phases. The objective of the first Phase was to build consensus on the vision, strategic priorities, and attainable goals for future of Symphony Nova Scotia. This research process led by our firm provided evidence-based data and recommendations, to understand marketplace demand, and to confirm the functional program requirements through an extensive community engagement strategy that included all user groups, key stakeholders and potential new partners. The objective of the second Phase was to create a facility program plan, develop site evaluation criteria, confirm a site and development partner, create a capital cost estimate, develop a business plan with 5-year revenue projections, new business unit, operating model, and complete two economic impact studies. Overall the study found that it is viable to build a new Concert Hall in Halifax that would serve Symphony Nova Scotia and the broader community. Our firm secured a site and development partners, and is now continuing work with Symphony Nova Scotia on next phases of planning followed by construction of the Concert Hall. 

Services Provided

Feasibility Study 

Partnership Development 

Business Planning

Financial Projections

Market Research

Community & Stakeholder Consultation 


Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc. 

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